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We would like to offer you the opportunity to purchase produce and herbs at a wholesale price from Overlook Farm.

Consumers are looking for quality and great tasting vegetables when dining. Most of our produce is grown by sustainable organic methods with a focus on biodiversity. We also offer a large array of fresh picked herbs and flowers to accent your restaurant tables.

*Delivery is free of charge on Thursday when order is placed on-line by Tuesday evening. At Lindahart08@gmail.com for deliveries to Southbridge & Sturbridge.

*Pick up at the Farm is also encouraged.

Please let us know by May 1st if you are interested. I would be happy to meet with you at any time to discuss the many benefits of supporting local agriculture in your restaurants.

Our available wholesale products are listed below.

Best Regards,
Linda Ledoux Hart
Overlook Farm Manager


Corn – Jul to Oct
SweetCall for pricing5 Dozen (60 Pcs)

Greens – May to Sept
Swiss Chard / Kale / CollardsCall for pricingBunch

Broccoli – Jul to Oct
 Call for pricingBushel
 Call for pricing½ Bushel
CollardsCall for pricingBushel

Bok Choy
 Call for pricingHead

Red / greenCall for pricingHead

Lettuce – Jun to Oct
Green / Red Butter headCall for pricingHead

Cucumbers – Jun to Oct
LongCall for pricingBushel
PicklingCall for pricing½ Bushel

Summer Squash – June to Sept
ZucchiniCall for pricingBushel
Zucchini BlossomsCall for pricing(12) Blossoms
Yellow SquashCall for pricingBushel
 Call for pricing½ Bushel
Zephyr SquashCall for pricingBushel
 Call for pricing½ Bushel

Tomatoes – Jul to Oct
Slicing-Meaty & JuicyCall for pricing20lb Box
Heirloom Mixed ColorsCall for pricing20lb Box
Cherry – SweetCall for pricingPint
**There will be specials on tomatoes weekly per harvest**

Peppers – Jul to Oct
Bell / Red / GreenCall for pricingBushel

Eggplant – Jul to Oct
 Call for pricingBushel

Walla Walla / Yellow / ScallionsCall for pricing12 Bunches

Snap / Edible PodCall for pricingQuart

Early PotatoesCall for pricing20 LBS

Root Chips – Jul to Nov
RadishesCall for pricingBunch

Red / Golden / ChioggiaCall for pricingBushel

Orange / Yellow / PurpleCall for pricingBushel

 Call for pricing½ Bushel

Beans – Jul to Sept
Yellow / GreenCall for pricingBushel
 Call for pricing½ Bushel

Music / Red RussianCall for pricingHead
Garlic ScrapesCall for pricingBunch
Cured – Aug to Sept  

Herbs – Jul to Oct
DillCall for pricingBunch
SageCall for pricingBunch
RosemaryCall for pricingBunch
TarragonCall for pricingBunch
CilantroCall for pricingBunch
PeppermintCall for pricingBunch
SavoryCall for pricingBunch
AniseCall for pricingBunch
StaticeCall for pricingBunch
BasilCall for pricingBunch
ChivesCall for pricingBunch
ParsleyCall for pricingBunch

Melons – Aug to Oct
WatermelonCall for pricing(15 to 25 lbs) Each
Watermelon SeedlessCall for pricing(15 to 25 lbs) Each
CantaloupeCall for pricingEach
Honey DewCall for pricingEach
Mush MellonCall for pricingEach

Winter Squash – Sept to Dec
ButternutCall for pricingCall for pricingBushel
Blue HubbardCall for pricing Bushel
AcornCall for pricingCall for pricingBushel
ButtercupCall for pricingCall for pricingBushel
DelicateCall for pricing Bushel
SpaghettiCall for pricing Bushel

Gourds / Mini Pumpkins
 Call for pricingBushel
Large GourdsCall for pricingEach

Mixed Purples
 Call for pricingBushel

Cut Flowers
Zinnia’sCall for pricingBunch
SunflowersCall for pricingStem

Corn Stalks
PlainCall for pricingBunch
Broom CornCall for pricingBunch
Decorated w/ribbon & SunflowerCall for pricingBunch

Decorative Indian Corn
 Call for pricingBushel
Tied w/ribbonCall for pricing(3) ears

***All prices are subject to change due to the growing conditions***

Thank you for supporting Overlook Farm