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Farm History

It is with pleasure that we introduce you to our family's farm, Overlook Farm, located in Brookfield, Ma. The farm has been a labor of love for owner Mark since 1997. He has worked diligently to rejuvenate the farm's soil as well as restore the main residence and out buildings.

Our family's goal is to provide fresh, healthy, tasty, and nutritious quality vegetables and fruits for our customers. Having worked in healthcare for many years I strongly advocate good nutrition as part of one's quest for health. In a nutshell industrial agriculture just isn't sustainable. It is pretty clear that the way our current food system operates is sadly lacking in the ability to nourish people. How can we all help? 1. Buy locally grown food and support your local farmers. 2. Request locally grown products from your local grocer. 3. Grow your own.

We invite you to come to Overlook farm and take a deep breath as you walk the many paths among our beautiful flowers, herbs and produce gardens. We do not use genetically modified (GMO) seeds. We celebrate nature's biodiversity by using cover crops and organic fertilizer. Spraying materials are organic except for those used on our sweet corn.

Wishing you good Health & Happiness,

The Ledoux Family